Electrical Products

Induction Motors:

Most energy efficient different kind of Induction motors for various applications as below.

• Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled Motor (TEFC)
• Gear Motor
• Crane Duty Motor
• D.C. Motor
• Brush less Alternator
• Slip ring motor

Transformers (Dry/Oil Type):

Most energy efficient Oil cooled / dry type Transformers in 11kV / 22 kV/ 33 kV / 66kV voltage up to 20MVA rating.

Switch Yard Equipments:

Total accessories range related to switch yard up to 220KV.

HT Circuit Breakers / Panels:

High Tension (HT) vacuum Circuit Breakers available in 11kV / 22 kV/ 33 kV / 66kV option in series of battery panel as per client specification.

LT Circuit Breakers / Panels :

Complete range of LT switch gear as below of world class quality, multinational brand.

• Earth Leakage relay
• Relays & Contactor
• Switch Fuse Disconnector
• Auto transfer switches

HT/LT Cables & Accessories:

• Aluminum/Copper Conductor Cable in all type of insulation
• Aluminum/Copper Bus bars alley up to 10,000A
• Termination Materials like Cable Glad ,Lugs & Jointing Kits

Cable Tray :

Hot Deep galvanized Ladder / perforate cable tray available in various sizes of width x height up to 1000mm width

Earthing Materials:

• Plate type earthing (Copper/Hot Deep G.I.)
• Pipe type earthing
• Pipe in Pipe type long durable earthing for sensitive system like telephone Exchange, communication tower etc.
• Mash type earthing for HT switch yard
• Earthing Strips (Copper / Hot deep GI)
• Earth Testing Meter

Variable Frequency Drives (VFD):

Most advance VFD available for motor rating up to 600KW.

Soft Starters:

Soft Starter to reduce the kick load, allow soft starting of motor, increase life of related switch gear and reduce the excess rating for selection of switch gears.

Harmonics Filters:

A harmonic filter is used to eliminate the harmonic distortion caused by appliances. Harmonics are currents and voltages that are continuous multiples of the fundamental frequency of 50/60 Hz such as 100/120 Hz (2nd harmonic) and 250/300 Hz (5th harmonic).

Electrical Metering Devices:

As the first line of defense against costly power problems, they can perform the work of an entire wall of legacy metering equipment utilizing today's technology.

All types of Light Fittings:

• Flood Light fitting
• Halogen light fitting
• Low bay / High bay Fitting
• Street light fitting
• LED fitting
• Indoor type decorative light fitting

Innovative Lighting Products :

• Fiber Optic Lighting
• LED Lighting
• T5 FTLs for Indoor Lighting
• Solar Lighting Systems

Building Automation Products :

• Building Energy Management System
• Sensors for Lighting, Occupancy, Indoor Air Quality, Security.
• Hotel Room Automations
• Home Automations
• HVAC Automations

Other Innovative Products :

• Water Treatment Chemicals
• Chlorine Dioxide