Mechanical Products

Water & Sewage Pumps:

Reputed make most energy efficient engineering pumps ranging from 0.25 kW to 4000 kW of various type depends on application.

• Horizontal Split Casing Centrifugal Pump (HSCF)
• Vertical turbine Pumps (VT)
• Eng Suction Pump
• Mix Flow Pump
• Multi Stage Pump
• Non clog Pump
• Sewage Submersible Pump
• Flood proof pump(Allow operation in dry & wet conditions)
• Engine operate fire pump
• De watering / Dredging pump


Reputed make various valves different applications

• Sluice Valve (up to 2200mm NB)
• Non Return Valve (up to 2200mm NB)
• Butterfly Valve (up to 2500mm NB)
• Sluice Gate valve (up to 5000mm NB)
• Knife Gate Valve (up to 1100mm NB)
• Kinetic Air Valve with isolation valve
• Gate Valve (up to 2500mm NB)

Pipes & Fittings:

Mild Steel / Cast Iron / Stain Less Steel pipe & standard fittings / special fittings with international quality standard.

Chain Pulley Blocks:

Reputed make material handling equipments matching international quality standards.

• Electric Hoist
• Chain pulley block (up to 10 MT)
• Chain electric Hoist (up to 20MT)
• Electric Wire hoist ( up to 20MT)
• Rack type Store application Material handling system
• Winch (Manual / electric)

Mobile Pumping Unit (Mobile Dewotech):

Unique designed Mobile pumping station called “Mobile DEWOTECH” the machine with multipurpose utility as below:

• Dewater/Desilting sewage manhole for underground drainage system.
• Used as power backup unit (up to 3ph. 35HP)
• Dewatering of sludge/muddy water from construction site.
• Available with heavy duty non clog submersible pump, which does not require priming of pump.
• Available with tower lighting arrangement for breakdown job / construction site / highway construction site.
• Most useful for remote site work where power supply not available.

DG Sets:

DG set in 1Ph / 3Ph ratings up to 2000kVA.

Captive Power Plants

Complete captive power plant operated on natural / Bio Gas rating up to 5000kVA.

Transformer Oil Filter Machines :

Transformer oil filters machine capacity up to 10,000 Liter/hour.